7.500 m2 (new facilities build in 2018). Prepared to store cosmetic products including inflammable products, aerosols, etc. Picking technologies: Pick to Light and Radio Frequency. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001. Facilities approved by the sanitary authorities for cosmetics import and storage.

We Offer

Home base for your company in Europe in a strategic location. Cosmetic products warehousing. Clearance of sanitary import requirements. Picking and packing. Tailored warehouse management system. Climate, weight and quality control. Product re-labeling. Kitting.

Partnership benefits

Get a permantent establishment in Spain (including VAT number) for your non EU company, allowing you to innvoice EU customers from your EU company. Custom and sanitary cleared stock by Cherrypick. Ship products from your EU inventory to any customer in the EU territory without any aditional sanitary, import or duty requirements. Your company can appear as the responsible person on every product.